“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” -Marilyn Monroe

Friday - Farewell BBQ

The morning in the orphanage was great. I spent so much time with the little ones and I’m getting more and more sad about leaving cause the staff and me started to get along really well and they are so nice to me now. They took me to the hospital twice today for the vaccination of the babies. Even the matron gives me special jobs now to look after little boy for example who’s almost 2 years old but is really sick, he’s got a heart problem and a kidney problem and is the size of a 3 month old. He’s the only one that breaks my heart every day. He never cries but the ladies don’t look after him properly and he always swims in his own pee. It makes the work at the orphanage so much easier when you get along with them and they actually trust you and let you do your thing.
After lunch we had lots of work to do. We had planned a massive BBQ for days now and as it was Liz’ last night with us and Sara’s sister arrived as well so we even had a reason to party :) Sara fucked off with her sister after lunch and let us prepare all the food. Lynn, Yvonne and I went to the local market, bought prawns, calamari, fresh tuna, vegetables and baguette and went back to Michael’s to do some serious cooking. Yvonne fell asleep so it was only Lynn and me preparing food for everyone. We made a pasta salad, a vegetable salad, a dozen different dressings and marinades for the salad and the fish, marinated the chicken, pealed and cleaned the prawns and the calamari. It was a hell of a lot to do and all that in a Sri Lankan kitchen which turned out to be a bigger challenge than we thought. But we finished everything on time, Indika organised the grill, the guys from tea zone were responsible for the BBQ, Yvonne even bought fireworks and we got the whole family together for a nice dinner by the sea. Even Sara made it, 3 hours late but anyways. We had such a brilliant night together, everyone loved the food which made me even more happy cause I was the head chef but of course the fireworks were the highlight of our dinner party. Sara was a bit a pain in the ass cause after dinner she didn’t even say thank you or helped to clean up or apologised that she didn’t help us cooking but took her sister and went back to Unawatuna. Everyone was pretty pissed off with her cause she has absolutely no decency and I’m just completely over her now. She has no manners or respect for anyone and is always rude and there really is no need to spend my last days with someone like her. After we cleaned up we said goodbye to Liz and Nick and hung out with the family until midnight. Yvonne and I were supposed to go out as well but we just had no energy left and really couldn’t be bothered to go all the way to Unawatuna and meet up with a couple of drunk security guys and Sara. It was such a fabulous night anyway, Unawatuna would have never topped our BBQ dinner with the family.

Thursday - ice cream challenge!

We spent the whole day in the orphanage, the girls came really late cause they were too busy partying on the beach. Apparently the security guys got in a massive fight last night and our fullmoon bar man even had to pull a knife to keep them under control. Thank god I went home, I’m really over this immature behaviour, I mean we’re not 16 anymore…
Anyways, I spent almost the whole day with the little ones and this was actually the first time that it really hit me. I had to go outside for a bit cause I started crying and I just had to get away from it for a minute. The little boy who’s almost 2years old but looks like a new born breaks my heart over and over again. He’s so tiny, he almost looks like he’s gonna break apart when you pick him up. It’s so sad how no one looks after him. It’s him, another healthy little boy and a blind baby that they never take care of. I had to change the diaper at 3pm that I put on at 10am this morning. I don’t know why they’re like this but it’s just not fair. Especially those ones need even more love from the staff cause even the volunteers only pick up the cute ones. The ladies are really nice to me now. They really trust me, none of them snarls at me anymore cause they know that I only want the best for the kids. I’m still the only one who brings diapers too. Sara can only complain every day when we run out of nappies and accuses the ladies for stealing them but she hasn’t even bought one pack since we’ve been here… She really is doing my head in… It’s always something else with her.
Liz and I spent the afternoon with the newborns which turned out to be quite a challenge. They’re all a bit sick and they were constantly crying but by the time I left we managed to put all of them to sleep. Liz is really good with the kids as well, I wish she would spend a couple more days at the orphanage but her boyfriend is coming tonight and they are leaving Galle on Saturday.
So for our last girls night together we obviously needed to do something special. And what do girls like more than make up and boys? - ice cream!
So the game was on! We went to Keells and got 3 litres of ice cream. Unfortunately we had to walk back because there was no tuk tuks -complimentary rape included - and by the time we got back to Michael’s the ice cream was almost completely melted and turned into a milkshake. But that’s obviously not reason enough to say no to ice cream so we still ate it :) not the whole thing though cause it expired about 3 years ago and we all felt a little sick after haha

Wednesday-only one week left :(

I really can’t believe I’m leaving Sri Lanka in a week. And this is actually the last stop of my 2 years trip. Hard to imagine that I’m actually moving back to Germany for good. Well at least for the next couple of years until I have my bachelor degree, I’m pretty sure nothing will hold me there for any longer than that.
John left exactly one week ago and he just started his whole year of travelling. I wonder how he likes Mongolia and if he already forgot about me. I couldn’t blame him though, his gap year has just began and all I want for him is to have the best time of his life just like I had it. And I want him to be free so he can enjoy himself and go nuts in all the different countries he’s visiting to make some great memories and some good stories for his journal. But I will still try my best to stay in contact with him and hopefully save up as much money as needed to go and visit him in the next couple of month.

After lunch we were hanging out with the family for a while and then went to Unawatuna. Sara and I bought a bottle of whiskey ordered about 34 glasses of coke and got wasted on the beach. The security guys joined us as well and by 6pm we were all blind drunk :)
There’s this guy called Callum, he’s really nice, one of the shipman as well but he’s desperately in need of a girl which doesn’t make life easier for me atm. He follows me wherever I go, I can’t even go to the bathroom on my own…. I told him I’m in a relationship, I told him I’m not interested in whatever he’s looking for and i really tried to be nice but yesterday I just couldn’t stay calm anymore. I went nuts at him and told him to fuck off after he tried to kiss me. Fair enough he’s been on a boat for 3 month and hasn’t seen any females around but that was just too much, you could almost call it rape…
Anyhow we still had a fabulous day on the beach. We went to sea and sun for dinner. It’s and Australian guy and an English guy who manage the place, we met them at happy banana last friday and they are so lovely. The hotel is absolutely stunning and apparently they have the best pizza in town so of course we had to go there and try it. It was supposed to be the guys day off but they saw our hungry faces and got back into their working outfits. We fired the pizza oven and David and I made the pizzas. We had so much fun, it def was one of the best nights out since I’ve been here. We had flower all over our face and called ourselves the pizza warriors. About 2 hours later the pizza was ready and it was absolutely delicious. I’m not 100% sure if it was my pizza making talent or the boys’ amazing pizza recipe but everyone loved it! And i can say it was far and away the best pizza i’ve ever had!!!
Sara was absolutely shit faced as usual but I think everyone is kind of used to it now. We had a couple more drinks at the hotel and went back to the fullmoon bar for more drinks :) by the time we got there everyone annoyed me a little bit cause they were so drunk it was not even funny. The guy’s must have had about 25 beers and none of them could really walk properly anymore. Sara was back into her slut mood and Liz and me were prob the only ones that still acted like normal human beings. I mean honestly I can drink a lot and I had some crazy nights out but the way they party is just insane… It has nothing to do with drinking and having a good time anymore it’s looks more like a bunch of English people turning into wild animals.
Liz and I got a tuk tuk back to Michael’s at 10.45pm. The rule is to be home by 10.30pm so we were not too bad but then I had to explain to him why the girls are not with us and bla bla bla and of course he got a bit angry. He’s so nice he’s just worried that anything happens to them.


- def time to work on this tan.

The orphanage was just as usual. A lot of nappy changing, a lot of washing and a lot of cuddling and playing with the toddlers. I also spent quite a lot of time with the little ones today. They’re just so cute it’s unreal. Ruby is so funny, she has down syndrome but she’s such a happy baby. She always smiles at you when you walk past but when you walk past you only smile at her because of her funny legs. They look like they’re made out of jelly and she can literally turn them 360degrees and bend them up to her shoulders. It’s absolutely insane. I just hope she will be able to walk one day. The ladies say he won’t but if you look at Forest, she walks better than some healthy kids in there - miracles happen every day.
David, the manager of the organisation also came to visit us at the orphanage to take some photos and videos for the website. Unfortunately the matron wouldn’t allow it though cause they have had bad experience with another manager who took photos of naked kids and posted them online. They found out that he was one of the most wanted pedophiles and thank god they found him a couple of years ago in another orphanage in India. Anyways that’s why they’re really careful wit strangers taking photos of the toddlers. He took a couple of clips though. Most of them were of me hanging up the washing, sweeping the floor or talking to the matron cause unfortunately the girls had have left for lunch already so I was the only actress available. I was pretty good though, I’m thinking about moving to Hollywood, living the dream until someone spots me so I can be rich and famous one day and change my name to princess. My life is sorted….
Yvonne’s so funny she gave the whole family new names. Daneshi is called nieschniesch, Indika is Poo and Michael is papa bear :)
In the afternoon we all went to Unawatuna cause the weather was so nice and I haven’t been since Saturday I feel like I’ve lost all my tan already. We bought some souvenirs on the beach, got another friendship bracelet and went to lucky tuna for tea. The security boys where there as well and we met this other guy from the UK who showed us some amazing magic tricks. We had such a good afternoon, David was always complaining in the back, he is such a difficult person to hang out with but still, the rest of us had fun!
For dinner at Michael’s house we had hoppers cause we’re all addicted. Yvonne started this whole thing about a competition and how she’s gonna eat 11 hoppers. She gave up after 3 but the game was on and I almost won. I had about 10 and a half but the last one just wouldn’t go down anymore. But still i won the challenge :)


Monday, back to the orphanage. They shaved all the Babies’ heads yesterday afternoon because of the head lice but they all look so different now it’s really hard to remember who they are. I have to take a photo of Ben and send it to John, he looks so different, he’s never gonna realise his favourite baby :) the lady made me clean the whole place this morning I was sweeping and wiping for more than 1.5 hours, including the bedroom of the bigger kids. It must have been ages since they’ve last cleaned the floor in there cause there was poo and pee everywhere. And the roof is leaking as well so there were loads of puddles in the bedroom and even on the kids beds… Almost all of the toddlers have a cold atm and they’re coughing and crying a lot which makes it really stressful sometimes. But I think we have them under control quite well, especially after 2 weeks when you got to know them a little bit better and you know how to treat them and how they will react.
Lunch was rice, curry and fish as usual, I really need some western food soon, I’m so over it. For dinner it always varies but lunch is just always the same, rice and dal every day…. 9 more days and my time in Sri Lanka is over anyways… Crazy how time flys by. It’s been 5 days already since John left but I still think about him a lot and the worst thing is I haven’t heard from him since. He’s in the middle of nowhere in Mongolia and he doesn’t even have a phone… :(
Yvonne, Liz and I were hanging out in the living room with Tinaya after lunch, dancing and singing and painting her nails until Indika picked us up at 3pm to go back to the orphanage. Linn and Julia came as well. Linn was not really good with the kids though even though she’s 52 and you might think she has a lot of experience but I think she’s more of a girly girl than I thought. The first thing she said when we got there was “I’m def not changing diapers”… Not a very mature thing to say when you come to an orphanage to work with babies and toddlers…
I found out some horrible stories about the kids today. Forest’s mum was 15 when she got raped by her own dad, that’s why she’s a downy. Shelly has 4 brothers and sisters, 2 of them are at the orphanage as well and the other two are staying in another home and they all a bit mentally retarded but their parents still keep shooting out one after the other baby and they all end up in orphanages. They even come to visit them sometimes but the matron said even the parents are a bit slow…
One of the older boys tried to run away today. He’s such a troublemaker, there really is nothing good about him. All he does is running away, hitting the other kids and even the staff. I think he should be in a special home where they take more care about him cause a lot of the kids learn from him which causes even more trouble.
We were sitting outside with the kids all day, playing in the garden, well it was more of a mud field than a playground :) I was cutting nails of about 38kids and they loved it. They know it’s just their time, you sit down with them and every kid has their own 4 minutes when it’s just about them.
After dinner we all watched pitch perfect in the living room but as usual we didn’t last very long cause we were all too tired and exhausted. Either we’re all pregnant or it really is the food and the weather that makes us so tired…. ;)


Orphanage was pretty relaxed this morning. There were loads of local women to bring food and clothes for the kids. We put them all in cute little outfits, all the girls got dresses and they loooved it! Sassanta behaves more and more! At the beginning he was a little tearaway but now he’s such a good boy. He always looks after the younger ones and every time I come in the morning or leave for lunch he runs over and gives me 2 kisses.
After lunch Indika took us to Unawatuna and we were just hanging out by the beach all day. It was Isabelle’s last day so she was pretty sad to say goodbye to the kids and everyone cause obviously she’s been here for 2 month now so we took her to the beach one last time for a couple of drinks. It’s funny how the bartenders here just know what we wanna drink and by the time we get out of the sea our drinks are already on the table. Must be a sign that we come here a little too often haha we were hanging out by the beach all day, Sara and I had the funniest wrestling match in the sand but obviously I won :) we went to the lucky tuna for dinner and to check into our room. We only got one for the four of us but there was a spare bed in there as well so we thought it wouldn’t be a problem. Adam and his George Clooney friend joined us and they ordered a massive plate of big prawns so obviously we all had some as well. And then of course we couldn’t say no to desert so we ordered two plates of banana fritters. John would have loved them but I ate for two so it’s all good ;)
The girls and I get along sooo well, we literally don’t spend 30 seconds without pissing ourselves laughing. Yvonne is def the funniest one, she always reminds me of fat Amy cause she makes so many jokes about her weight and stuff, if she had a tv show I would def watch it. She’s just such a comedian.
After a couple of drinks at the lucky tuna we went to happy banana and we fucking owned this club! We showed off with our best dance moves, Sara got naked, Yvonne gave us a pole dance show and liz and I just danced like absolute retards. We had so much fun in there it was insane. Sara got ridiculously wasted and got sooo annoying after a while. She kept taking her bikini top of, stripped down to her thong and went skinny dipping in the sea with some security guys from the boats… Even they got annoyed after a while so we had to bring Sara back to the hotel room cause it was too dangerous for her to stay in the sea or even close to it.
And Yvonne and Liz were so nice and let me look after her all night. I had to shower her and dry her, put some dry close on and listen to her weird drunk chitchat and then at the end I even had to share a bed with her… It was more work than looking after 8 babies at the same time… I barely got any sleep cause I had to fight for my 15cm spot in the bed all night long. We went to bed at 3am but at 7.30am I gave up and went downstairs with Liz for breakfast. 15 min later Sara showed up but he just thought it was really funny that she was so drunk but what really pissed me off was that she didn’t even say sorry or thank you… But we all know she’s a girl without manners so there’s not much to do about it.
The girls didn’t pay their bill the night before so they had to do it in the morning but it was just a big chaos. Some of the sea man paid for our drinks but for some we had to pay ourselves but they had not a clue what we had or if the security guys already paid for it. So they were taking the piss again and tried to charge us for everything. I’m so over this place, it’s unbelievable… I’m def gonna sit down in the next couple of days and write an email to the Sri Lankan tourist board to claim John’s money back that he had to pay for the shower door.
Around 10am we packed our stuff and got a tuk tuk to the old fort. We walked around for a while and had pizza at a really nice little restaurant. The family that owned it was so lovely, we stayed there for more than 2 hours chatting away and I totally fell in love with their two little daughters. The 5 year old looked like Mogli and the other one was only 7 but was so pretty that she got offered a role in an Sri Lankan movie. We went to a couple of jewellery shops and for an iced coffee to Lavazza to email some diaper companies and asked for donations for the orphanage. On the way to the local market we met this really nice teacher who showed us around and told us a lot of fun facts about Galle. He was so lovely, he took us to the fruit and vegetable market, told us everything about their culture and dropped us of at a baby shop to buy some cheap clothes, new towels and diapers for the toddlers. It’s crazy how well I get along with the girls. We’re such a good group of people atm I wouldn’t know what to do without them. Especially not after John left… I really miss him a lot but the girls at least distract me from thinking about him too much otherwise I would prob just sit in my room or at the orphanage all day and be sad… I really hope he’s okay, I still haven’t heard from him cause they only have wifi at very rare places in Mongolia.
After dinner I moved rooms, I’m upstairs with Liz now and it’s so much nicer! We wanted to watch pitch perfect but Michael’s son was using the laptop so we couldn’t borrow it. Didn’t matter though cause we still had a brilliant evening. We were all sitting in the living rooms chithatting away until we went to bed.

Sunday morning but no time to sleep in. We went to the orphanage at 8am. Lindsey’s and her friend’s last day-thank god…. I think even Michael was quite happy that they left. It was a really good morning, we played with the bigger ones until 10am and then a group of locals showed up with big bags of fresh fruit and cookies. The kids loved it but it ended up in a big mess. We had to shower every single one of them and clean almost the whole building from scratch. I spent a lot of time with Shelley this morning, I wish someone would take her to the doctors and find out what’s wrong with her. I think she has a form of autism. Sometimes she just lies there for ages and stares at the ceiling. But you could see how she flourished this morning. We were singing and clapping and she even started talking a little bit. I think she loves the food more than anyone else she even tried to hide some fruit in her pants for later :) I really wanna try and spend more time with her as noone else does. The ladies that work there barely look at her and Yvonne and Sarah only play with fat Sam, Brenda and George anyways. Even if the other kids are crying next to them they won’t even look at them or just yell at them and tell them to shut up.
After lunch Indika took us to Koggala lake and took us fishing. We had such a great day fishing on the big rocks in the water but unfortunately we didn’t have any luck catching a fish. Yvonne was the only one who caught one but it was prob the size of my thumb :) we also went to cinnamon island where this 80year old man showed us how to get the cinnamon sticks of the tree and to temple island where we met some monks with the cutest little puppies on the planet. Indikas friend dropped us off at the spice plantation and we went back to Michael’s house for dinner. 2 new girls arrived today as well. Julia was born in Russia but lives in Dubai, she’s 30 but looks like 18 :) the other one, Lynn, is 52, is from New York but lives in Belgium with her husband. Both are very nice though and they are both going to work at the monastery with Liz.


My first night without John was weird. It took me ages to fall asleep and cause I’m so used to sharing a tiny bed I found myself waking up on the edge of the bed all night. Breakfast was a bit strange cause Lindsey and her friend just like to ruin the good vibe on the table… They don’t even talk to each other so we’re all pretty happy that they’re leaving this weekend.
Indika took us to the orphanage at 8am as usual and it was such a great morning. The ladies are all a bit annoyed with the other volunteers cause they really have no idea how to interact with babies and toddlers and me and Isabelle are prob the only ones in there that also clean and see where we’re needed. Sara and Yvonne don’t even sit with the kids anymore, they were just sitting on a chair outside the play pen with their legs on the bars shouting at the kids. Then there’s 3 new English girls but unfortunately they’ve never held a kid before in their live so they have absolutely no idea what to do with them… Well and then there’s Lindsey and her friend but I guess I don’t have to explain anymore… They’re both just a nightmare. This morning there was no wet wipes and we had to change the babies so they didn’t even wash them or clean their bums full of shit, they just put a new nappie on…

John left and poor Ben is getting a cold :( he was crying all day but the ladies told me the doctor was gonna come at night to have a look at the babies cause they all have the flue atm. Chandika , a 9 month old boy who almost looks like a new born had to go to the hospital as well this morning to get an X-ray of his lunges cause he had really bad problems breathing. I looked after him all morning so the lady asked me if I wanted to come to the hospital with her. And of course I came :) it was pretty interesting to see a local hospital but pretty shocking as well cause it was in such bad condition and so crowded as well. There’s def not enough staff and doctors available for the amount of sick people in this city. We had to wait ages to get the X-ray done and then prob another hour to talk to a doctor and get the results. And after all this waiting all the baby gets is an inhaler… I saw some scary things in there as well, there was loads of people that got into real bad accidents, full of blood just lying around waiting for a doctor to finally look at them. The people there were so nice though. Obviously I was the only white person with a Sri Lankan Baby on my arm in there so I was like the main attraction of the day. Loads of people came over talking to me or were just standing in front of me staring at the baby and me. I hate to be in the thick of things so honestly I couldn’t wait to get out of there.
The rest of the morning was pretty relaxed. We came back home for lunch - rice, curry and fish :/ - everyone’s so sick of it, we’re so excited for the weekend, to get some normal food on the beach again :) except Sara and Isabelle we all went back to the orphanage in the afternoon. Yvonne played outside with the bigger ones and Liz and I looked after the sick ones inside. Indika came back at 5pm to pick us up. We all had a shower and had our daily girls chitchat in Sara’s and Yvonne’s room. After dinner we were talking for a bit but at 8.30pm no one could keep their eyes open anymore and we all went to bed.
I finally heard from John today. Almost got a bit worried about him. He met up with the boys in Hongkong where they got on the plane to Mongolia. I really hope we make it work and stay in touch until we see each other again.

Time flys by.

My last day with John. One last day on the beach, one last day full of food, one last day together.
We went to this really nice 5 star hotel called lady hill for dinner and had a great last meal. I got a bit too much sun so unfortunately i didn’t feel well and couldn’t really enjoy the food but we still had an amazing last night there with a stunning view all over the peninsula.
It’s been an amazing 10 days, I’m so glad he had the courage to ditch Hugo and to come to Sri Lanka to see me. It’s been so much better than I expected. Galle is stunning with all the beaches and the food and John and me just got along so well it feels like we’ve known each other forever. It’s gonna be so hard not to have him around anymore. After all my travels I got so used to be on my own but i’m gonna be so lonely without him after those 10 days. I really couldn’t have asked for a better ending to my trip. He’s an amazing guy with a heart of gold and one of the only ones that really treated me well… Only because I usually attract assholes and mental cases and I almost thought this is just how it’s supposed to be. I’ll miss our little chats about the most random stuff and his funny comments and our spastic moments… But he’s gonna have the best time travelling Mongolia and China and Southeast Asia with Hugo and Matt and he’s such an open minded person he’ll make loads of friends and meet loads of people. I really hope we’ll work it out so I can come visit him or he can come to Germany for a quick stop over.

The goodbye part was terrible. We woke up at 3am and talked until he had to get up at 6am. I really tried hard not to cry but at the end I just couldn’t hold it back anymore. Indika took him to the train station and now he’s on the train to Colombo to catch a flight to Delhi to meet up with Hugo and Matt and then catch another flight to Mongolia. I gave him my laptop so he can upload photos and stuff and so he can Skype me every day ;)

My first day without John was really weird… I just couldn’t stop thinking about him. Even Sassanta asked for him this morning, no idea how or when he picked up John’s name. Breakfast and lunch was really hard as well cause everyone was talking about him and asked me if he’s okay and I just teared up again and again. As creepy as it sounds but I’m pretty sure he’s a keeper, you don’t let a guy like him go like this… After lunch I had a nap and at 3pm we all went back to the orphanage. We took the kids outside and they were playing on the playground all afternoon with the school kids. Emelie, the mysterious girl with the ear rings got really sick. She had a mosquito bite on her leg that got infected and she got a really bad fever so they had to take her to the hospital. I was looking after her all day cause no one else of the staff did and I made sure she took her medicine an had enough water cause that little girl literally was on fire.
The bigger kids also have head lice so we’re all a bit careful now.
After the orphanage we were all hanging out in Sara’s and Yvonne’s room and we had such a good laugh together. The girls are hilarious and liz just fits perfectly in our little girls group now. All the boys are gone and the dirty men talk begins and all of a sudden none of us has manners anymore… Well Sara has never had them anyways ;) the girls were so cute trying to cheer me up after dinner with drinks at the lighthouse hotel which was a great idea. We had so much fun together changing out weird sex tips and old boys stories from back in the day. All in all a really good night until I almost got robbed again on the way back from the hotel. I was walking with my phone in my hand and thank god I put my purse under my Tshirt cause otherwise it would be gone now… A guy on a bike tried to grab my phone and steal it off me but thankfully he just grabbed my scarf and I was able to pull it back. I should have kicked him off his bike but I was so shocked for a second that I couldn’t do anything. Maybe I should try again tomorrow and let someone steal my stuff so I can call John and hopefully he’ll jump on the next flight back to Sri Lanka :)

my babies <3